Pretty in PINK!

I spent most of the summer at my lake house.  I love designing vacation homes because what could be better then planning a fabulous get away spot? It makes me think of bright colors, whimsical patterns, white slipcovers....

image via Pinterest

How pretty is this dining room? I love the chairs and what a great wall color!

image from MY cottage

My dining room at my cottage, my HAPPY PLACE, Leland Michigan!

source unknown

This just looks like FUN!  What a great umbrella and i love the leopard print!

image via Pinterest

Wowee, what great colors!  All you need is a drink with and umbrella!

image via Dana Gibson

I have to think these would work in a summer cottage!

image via Pinterest

A classic fun cottage! I love the John Botz painting!

image from MY cottage

Every mantel could use one of these!

image from MY cottage

Finally, another photo from my cottage with MY John Botz painting, I just love it!

I love a bright, light-hearted look for a Summer home. 

 Hope you enjoy these FABOO Photos!