Window Shopping

Have you ever thought to yourself, I wish I could take what is in the Elizabeth Schmidt Interior Design front window home?  
Well now you can.  

We are launching Favorites at  
Now every time we change the window we will list the items on the website with further information and pricing.  If you decide you can't live without something all you have to do is give the studio a call at 513.871.7721 and arrange for payment and delivery. 

So head on over to the Favorites page to see 
what you can't live without.

Presenting ...

The 2012 Elizabeth Schmidt Interior Design Christmas Window!

You might have noticed which look won (and yes that was my mom's pick)!  But I must admit we are all enthralled with this window.

So please be sure to take a peek the next time you are in the neighborhood!  And be sure to come at night, it will be sparkling!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Silver, white and lavender: the NEW Christmas colors!

Love our new boxwoods and lavender ribbon!

And we love the newest member of the design team!

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like ...

The Elizabeth Schmidt Interior Design Front Window is Under Construction!!

Somehow it has crept up on us again, Thanksgiving!  And so the elves (aka Hope) are hard at work getting the front window ready for Christmas.  Don't worry, soon the brown paper will come down and we will reveal what might be our favorite window ever!  

Here's a little sneak peak of the construction zone.

Don't worry that brown paper doesn't mean we are closing.  It just means we want the Christmas window to be a big surprise!
The mums have got to go too!
The sofa and artwork are headed back to my parent's house!
And now it is starting to look a little more like Christmas!

Stayed tuned for the big reveal and of course to see who won the big Christmas window debate!

Choices, Choices, Choices

Here at that studio we have a large front window on a busy street.  So every couple of months the pressure is on to design the next great window.

For this year's Holiday Window, we wanted a design that epitomized what we call our French Chic look.  We have so many things we love it was hard to choose.  But in the end it came down to two options (I was rooting for one, my mom for the other.).

Who do you think won?

1. Coco Mirror  2. Troy Lamp 3. Carved Side Cabinet 4. Nanette Chair
The combination of the fabulous Coco Mirror, tongue-in-check Troy Lamp, elegant Carved Side Cabinet and curvy Nanette Chairs, has the combination of elegance, sophistication, beauty and fun that says French Chic to us.

1. Coco Mirror  2. Albatros Console  3. The Natural Light Isadora Lamp with Purple Shade 4. Banana Leaves
Again, we can't get enough of the fabulous Coco Mirror, but we did a different take on French Chic by pairing it with the simple and elegant reclaimed wood Albatros Console, the classic Isadora lamp with purple shade and a bold arrangement of banana leaves.  Still sophisticated and elegant but in a more casual way.

The Holiday Window will debut Thanksgiving 2012!


I've been wanting to go to LA for a long time. All the great stuff I keep seeing lately seems to come from there.  So, when I heard that the Design Blogger's Conference was going to be there I knew I had to go!  I loved LA! The shopping was fabulous, the restaurants were great, really nice people and I loved our hotel, the SLS.  To top it all off we were there for the Oscars so of course my daughter and I just pretended WE were movie stars!  The Design Blogger's Conference was great too, what a fun trip, I can't wait to go back!

First stop, The Ivy, a charming restaurant just a few blocks from our hotel.
 Hope tells me it's where all the stars go!

And if you like the decor at Ivy, you can buy it all right next door!

This is the breakfast bar at the SLS.  It has the very best yogurt parfait that I have ever, ever tasted, and look how pretty it looks!

Mecox Gardens always has great things.

More from Mecox Gardens, I couldn't get enough!

Just so you don't miss it, Mecox is on N. Cienega Blvd. this is the area you want to be in for all the great design ideas

I loved this lamp from Harbinger, just down the street from Mecox Gardens,

More from Harbinger.

Harbinger getting ready for a big party with Bunny Williams.

I think I am obsessed with this table!
Not such a great picture, many of the stores are closed on Saturday, this is through the window

More great things for your garden, LA seems to have it all!

Kelly Wearstler has a fun new store, so cool they do not allow photographs,
 but here's Hope in front of the store anyway!

Back to our hotel, love this open air lobby!

I HAD to go to Rodeo Drive

Isn't this interesting?  Prada!

I admit it, I love the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  So, I had to go to Lisa's restaurant
Villa Blanca, it is BEAUTIFUL and the food is good too!  I kept waiting for the Housewives to walk in!

If you're thirsty, try the "big pinky".  It had my name written all over it!

We were tired, had to take a break at the roof top pool at SLS, how nice!

And for dinner we went to Lisa's other restaurant, SUR.
We loved the ambiance and the service was fabulous.

and after dinner, relax in the bar at Sur.


Quotable Design

I love when bloggers do an outfit to room or room to outfit post.  They are always so chic and fun and usually I would like to wrap the room and outfit right up and take them home.  I thought I would try something a little different and take a quote and give it a room.  I am in no position to be putting outfits together and I love all the inspiring and decorative quotes I am finding floating around Pinterest these days.

So here are some words to live and design by.

via pinterest


public chicago.  image via pinterest.


via pinterest


design by jonathan berger.  image via pinterest.


via pinterest


design by myra hoefer.  image via pinterest.


via pinterest


image via pinterest.


via pinterest


design by elizabeth schmidt.  image via pinterest.


via pinterest


design by phoebe howard.  image via pinterest.

So go big or stay home!  - Elizabeth Schmidt


One of the best things about interior design is that business travel is always fun.  I mean what is not to love about being "required" to go to Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Palm Beach, Los Angeles and Paris (okay not yet a requirement, but I am working on it).  A girl has to stay on top of the latest trends.  

One of my absolute favorite places to travel for business is Atlanta or I suppose I should say Buckhead, since that is where we stay.  The first time I visited, I knew Buckhead and I were meant to be: everyone was friendly, everything was beautiful and everywhere we went people offered me a Diet Coke.   

Last week my mom and I packed our bags and headed to Atlanta for the AmericasMart Atlanta Gift and Home Furnishing Market, some antiquing, good food, great shopping and some Southern hospitality. 

Here are our top favorites from this trip to Atlanta:

1.  The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market.  We saw so many fun things at the mart.  Some old favorites and lots of great new sources

Seriously, I am obsessed.
 I mean really, does it get any prettier?
These lanterns drew us into the showroom.
And these fun accessories kept us looking.
And really how were we supposed to leave once we saw this?
How fun is this?  I can totally envision it on the cover of House Beautiful. 
I don't know why I love faux animal heads, but I just do.  These are particularly fabulous.
There are no words.
How great is this chair?  Perhaps not the most comfy, but those arms are so dramatic.
Tritter Feefer, fabulous furniture, fabulously attired employees.

3.  Foxglove Antiques and Galleries.  One of our absolute favorite antique stores, not only do they have a fabulous selection, but it is also owned and run by some of the nicest people in Atlanta (and that is saying something!).

I am completely obsessed with this darling chair.  If only I had a house (and an extra grand laying about).
And doesn't this just look like it belongs on the cover of Elle Decor?

4.  Boxwoods.  One of the most beautiful home and gift stores I have ever seen.  My mom and I make sure to visit every time we come to town.  They have a little something for everyone, their displays are gorgeous and they just opened a second shop across the street with even more goodies!

Oh just a fabulous table display at my fabulous shop.

Oh and another.

And I have such an eye for detail I even upholstered my walls in burlap.  Genius.

5.  Antica Posta.  Their menu said the best chicken you will ever have and they weren't lying!  Delicious Italian cuisine in a cozy setting, what more could you ask for?  I am literally drooling just thinking about their chicken.

The brilliant brothers behind Antica Posta!

6.  The Mansion on Peachtree.  A wonderful place to come home to after a day of hard work.  You feel like a superstar in their beautifully appointed rooms (their bathrooms are to die for).  My mom and I love to take advantage of 29 Spa while we are there.  What's better than a glass of wine, massage, soak in the hot tub and room service after a long day? 

Welcome Home to The Mansion on Peachtree.
Pretty much my normal standard of living.  Ha.
This bathroom is approximately the size of my apartment.

And it is always a good idea to end any day in Atlanta with a trip to the Nieman Marcus shoe department.


And of course.