I've been wanting to go to LA for a long time. All the great stuff I keep seeing lately seems to come from there.  So, when I heard that the Design Blogger's Conference was going to be there I knew I had to go!  I loved LA! The shopping was fabulous, the restaurants were great, really nice people and I loved our hotel, the SLS.  To top it all off we were there for the Oscars so of course my daughter and I just pretended WE were movie stars!  The Design Blogger's Conference was great too, what a fun trip, I can't wait to go back!

First stop, The Ivy, a charming restaurant just a few blocks from our hotel.
 Hope tells me it's where all the stars go!

And if you like the decor at Ivy, you can buy it all right next door!

This is the breakfast bar at the SLS.  It has the very best yogurt parfait that I have ever, ever tasted, and look how pretty it looks!

Mecox Gardens always has great things.

More from Mecox Gardens, I couldn't get enough!

Just so you don't miss it, Mecox is on N. Cienega Blvd. this is the area you want to be in for all the great design ideas

I loved this lamp from Harbinger, just down the street from Mecox Gardens,

More from Harbinger.

Harbinger getting ready for a big party with Bunny Williams.

I think I am obsessed with this table!
Not such a great picture, many of the stores are closed on Saturday, this is through the window

More great things for your garden, LA seems to have it all!

Kelly Wearstler has a fun new store, so cool they do not allow photographs,
 but here's Hope in front of the store anyway!

Back to our hotel, love this open air lobby!

I HAD to go to Rodeo Drive

Isn't this interesting?  Prada!

I admit it, I love the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  So, I had to go to Lisa's restaurant
Villa Blanca, it is BEAUTIFUL and the food is good too!  I kept waiting for the Housewives to walk in!

If you're thirsty, try the "big pinky".  It had my name written all over it!

We were tired, had to take a break at the roof top pool at SLS, how nice!

And for dinner we went to Lisa's other restaurant, SUR.
We loved the ambiance and the service was fabulous.

and after dinner, relax in the bar at Sur.