Does it get ANY better than blue and white?

image via Pinterest

I never, ever, tire of blue and white.  I'm so glad wallpaper is making a comeback!  I love the "animal print" in blue and white on the ottomans, it's an instant update!

image via Pinterest

Mark Sikes does blue and white so well!

image via Pinterest

This will FOR SURE be my NEXT front door color!  I'll be sure to use Fine Paints of Europe to get the super shiny finish!

image via Elizabeth Schmidt Interior Design, Inc.

And just when blue and white can't get any better, ADD PINK! This is a fun bedroom I designed for on of my FAVORITE client's summer home in northern Michigan.  Who wouldn't want to sleep in this guest room???

image via Pinterest

I pretty much love everything about this photo, the antique console, the blue and white porcelain, the great lamps and the hint of my favorite tree, FIDDLE LEAF FIG, even the name is fun!

image via Elizabeth Schmidt Interior Design, Inc.

Last but not LEAST, this is one of MY favorite blue and white rooms (for another FAVORITE CLIENT) and it's not just because I designed it.  It's because I wish it was MY pool house!


Pretty in PINK!

I spent most of the summer at my lake house.  I love designing vacation homes because what could be better then planning a fabulous get away spot? It makes me think of bright colors, whimsical patterns, white slipcovers....

image via Pinterest

How pretty is this dining room? I love the chairs and what a great wall color!

image from MY cottage

My dining room at my cottage, my HAPPY PLACE, Leland Michigan!

source unknown

This just looks like FUN!  What a great umbrella and i love the leopard print!

image via Pinterest

Wowee, what great colors!  All you need is a drink with and umbrella!

image via Dana Gibson

I have to think these would work in a summer cottage!

image via Pinterest

A classic fun cottage! I love the John Botz painting!

image from MY cottage

Every mantel could use one of these!

image from MY cottage

Finally, another photo from my cottage with MY John Botz painting, I just love it!

I love a bright, light-hearted look for a Summer home. 

 Hope you enjoy these FABOO Photos!


Black and White Inspiration!

What could be more timeless than black and white?  I love the drama and I love adding black and white artwork in almost any room.  Here ARE some of my inspirations, ENJOY!

image via Pinterest

Zebra always adds a punch to any space, love the mirror propped on the wall and of course, i love the pop of PINK!

image via Elle Decor
What could be better than a black and white bathroom? I especially love the gold accents and the thick white marble counter, BEAUTIFUL!

image via Pinterest

I could dress like this EVERYDAY!  
All I need is longer legs and the ability to wear HIGH heels!
(well, maybe a little more than that!)

image via Veranda

What a fabulous mix!  I want to live here!

image via Oly Studio
This chair is just simple FABOO!
It literally could go anywhere with anything, a true classic!

image via Apartment Therapy

I'm crazy about this bathroom!
I need a new project so I can do something like this!

How great is the artwork and the giant coffee table?
This would be a great beach home, looks so relaxing!

image via Elizabeth Schmidt Interior Design, Inc.

A bathroom I designed, complete with a shower room (or as my client calls it "kid wash"), stone floor and the LION is from Paris!
It's hard to tell but the mirror over the sink has a built in TV, don't want to miss the game!

I really, really, love black and white, 



image via Pinterest 

 I want that wallpaper and I want it now!  Maybe the sconce too!
Kelly Wearstler is just amazing!

image via Pinterest 

 How great is this lamp, a Suzanne Kastler design from Visual Comfort? I could use it a million places to instantly update and add a little GLAM to a space!

image via Pinterest

Suzanne Kastler does not disappoint, what an elegant space, I love it!

image via Pinterest

Love the gold bench and the zebra rug, black and white artwork, what a cool room!

Elizabeth Schmidt Interior Design, Inc 

Here's a room that I designed! 

 I love the Fortuny chandelier, Bunny Williams chairs and a Jullian Chichester dining table.   I'm ready to have dinner there!
Maybe a glass of wine!

I hope you are just as inspired as I am!

Its simply FABOO!