The Best is Yet to Come

Here at Elizabeth Schmidt Interior Design, we know that the best is yet to come, but we always look fondly
on what has been!

Here's a look back on 2012 and all the fun we had.

January 2012 - Atlanta, Georgia

Fine Dining at Boxwoods, Buckhead, Georgia.

February 2012 - Los Angeles, California

Glamorous Dining at Sur, West Hollywood, California.

March 2012 - Park City, Utah

Chalet Chic in Park City, Utah.  Decorator with her other daughter!

April 2012 - Cincinnati, Ohio

You are your own worst client!  Designer's own home redo!

May - France

Decorator and Daughter take France!

June 2013 - Leland, Michigan

You are still your own worst client!  Updating the family cottage.

July 2012 - Leland, Michigan (Again!)

Who wants to work in the summer?

August 2012 - Leland, Michigan (Still!)

I am never going back.

September 2012 - Northport, Michigan

On the move!  Moving our clients in to their Northport, Michigan summer home!

October 2012 - Cincinnati, Ohio

Still moving!  Moving our clients in to their mid-century modern remodel!

November 2012 - Cincinnati, Ohio

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

December 2012 - Cincinnati, Ohio

The "Empire" at the ESID Christmas Dinner!
Pam, Danielle, Hope & Betsy (aka Elizabeth)

Happy New Year!