Presenting ...

The 2012 Elizabeth Schmidt Interior Design Christmas Window!

You might have noticed which look won (and yes that was my mom's pick)!  But I must admit we are all enthralled with this window.

So please be sure to take a peek the next time you are in the neighborhood!  And be sure to come at night, it will be sparkling!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Silver, white and lavender: the NEW Christmas colors!

Love our new boxwoods and lavender ribbon!

And we love the newest member of the design team!

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like ...

The Elizabeth Schmidt Interior Design Front Window is Under Construction!!

Somehow it has crept up on us again, Thanksgiving!  And so the elves (aka Hope) are hard at work getting the front window ready for Christmas.  Don't worry, soon the brown paper will come down and we will reveal what might be our favorite window ever!  

Here's a little sneak peak of the construction zone.

Don't worry that brown paper doesn't mean we are closing.  It just means we want the Christmas window to be a big surprise!
The mums have got to go too!
The sofa and artwork are headed back to my parent's house!
And now it is starting to look a little more like Christmas!

Stayed tuned for the big reveal and of course to see who won the big Christmas window debate!

Choices, Choices, Choices

Here at that studio we have a large front window on a busy street.  So every couple of months the pressure is on to design the next great window.

For this year's Holiday Window, we wanted a design that epitomized what we call our French Chic look.  We have so many things we love it was hard to choose.  But in the end it came down to two options (I was rooting for one, my mom for the other.).

Who do you think won?

1. Coco Mirror  2. Troy Lamp 3. Carved Side Cabinet 4. Nanette Chair
The combination of the fabulous Coco Mirror, tongue-in-check Troy Lamp, elegant Carved Side Cabinet and curvy Nanette Chairs, has the combination of elegance, sophistication, beauty and fun that says French Chic to us.

1. Coco Mirror  2. Albatros Console  3. The Natural Light Isadora Lamp with Purple Shade 4. Banana Leaves
Again, we can't get enough of the fabulous Coco Mirror, but we did a different take on French Chic by pairing it with the simple and elegant reclaimed wood Albatros Console, the classic Isadora lamp with purple shade and a bold arrangement of banana leaves.  Still sophisticated and elegant but in a more casual way.

The Holiday Window will debut Thanksgiving 2012!