Back to High Point!

After a 4:30 am wake-up call, two flights and a bus ride, we made it back to High Point, NC for the Fall Furniture Market.  We saw some old favorites and came home with some new obsessions.  After 3 days and many miles of walking, we came home with 500 images.   Here's a peek at some of the best!

It might be fall but it was all about the bright colors!

From the much anticipated Lilly Pulitzer showroom!  
(Mom wasn't supposed to take pictures, such a rebel!)

And we can't forget to liven up the walls.

 These botanicals are framed floating between two pieces of glass.  
So, so cool!  

 And for a change of pace, we saw and fell in love with all sorts of beautiful pieces from India, Uzbekistan (yes I just googled the spelling), Egypt and other exotic locals.

 Ahhhh ... Genevieve, how I love you and your rugs.

I am completely enamored with these inlay chests!


And here's a sneak peak of our Christmas window ... inspired by High Point!
(Really, we had something completely different picked out and ordered before we traveled south!)


 Now doesn't that just make you happy!


After High Point, I could definitely use a drink and a nap!


What's Happening in High Point

I went to High Point with my trusty staff to find all the best new things at the furniture market.  Here are some of our favorites.  Enjoy!

 Who's the fairest of them all?

I can't decide, I think I want one in every color!

For your chic shrink, "Now, how does that make you feel?"

Orange you in love with this chair?

Flower power!

Decorate yourself!

I gotta have one!

Shopping is sooooo exhausting!

Get Happy, High Point was fabulous!

Palm Beach, daaaaahling

You can find just about anything your heart desires in Palm Beach. I recently took a trip to the luxurious Florida locale to scope out the goods. Here are some of the best. If you tire of all the pomp and circumstance, head over to the Dixie Grill and Bar for a beer and burger.

My daughter helps accent this beautiful piece.

This desk is Faboo! 
This would look great in anyone's summer home.

Love all the bright colors!

These flowers just make me happy.

And never forget...

Thats all for now. Look back for more of Betsy's Bests!

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